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In the case of customers who have already booked a trip and have urgent questions, we assist 24/7. Reach us at +40 744 338 620

Our services - complete travel packages

Experienced Physicians & Just-in-Time services

Physicians with experience in Western Europe, no waiting times and state of the art equipment.

Complete travel packages

Our offer includes flight tickets, accommodation, transfers and much more.

Incorporating a tourism focus

We offer different tours to make sure you get the most out of your journey.

Full assistance

We assist you in every step of your journey and are available 24/7 for urgent questions.

Languages we speak

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There are several reasons why choosing a local medical tourism company is wise and which give us an edge over foreign facilitators that send patients abroad.

  • our strict provider inclusion guidelines mean that you will get high-quality treatment in personally reviewed clinics
  • local knowledge that will help you stay in accommodation which suits your needs as a medical tourist
  • time saving as we will arrange everything
  • our presence here ensures that you will not be alone. Thus, you can always ask questions and contact the clinics fast. In addition, you will have someone at your destination who is an “advocate” for you and will be by your side whenever needed
  • we will offer plenty of information about the city and region, welcome you at the airport and guide you throughout your experience

Any medical procedure you would choose is as safe to do in Cluj-Napoca as it would be in your home country. We have a very strict protocol of clinic inclusion for our portfolio that ensures you will have high quality treatments. The protocol includes working with clinics that have:

  • close to zero complication rates
  • personnel including nurses speaking at least two foreign languages, out of which English is mandatory
  • maximum 4 patients per nurse, usually 1-2 patients/nurse
  • overseas trained surgeons in countries such as Germany, Sweden and the U.S.A. 
  • state of the art Western technology and equipment


Plastic surgery

Breast augmentation, face lift, eyelid surgery, liposuction, rhinoplasty, laser and more.

General surgery

Hernia-, stomach-, bowel-, pancreas-, liver-, spleen surgeries and mastectomies.


LASIK eye surgeries, treatment of different eye conditions


Dental implants, surgeries, cosmetic dental interventions and more.


Recovery medicine for different affections, as well as post-surgery care.

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