Enthusiasm & Experience at Oculens

As the doctors like to put it, Oculens is the place where youth-like enthusiasm meets decades of experience. Add to this a brand new clinic and you have the perfect recipe for a successful eye surgery in Romania. Lastly, the physicians are truly passionate about ophthalmology, laser vision, cross-linking and the treatment of glaucoma. 

years experience in ophthalmic surgeries

About the clinic and physicians - Oculens

The clinic attracts your attention from afar – it is brand new with a bold design. Inside, it impresses even more. The waiting lounges are spacious, comfortable and beautifully furnished. In addition, the august 2018 acquired Excimer laser and Femto Lasik are the latest technology for eye surgeries. 

But what really stands out is the professionalism of the physicians. With plenty of experience, they still manage to be as excited as in their first days of practice. 

A little research about them reveals a big passion for ophthalmology. In fact, they had several surgery premiers in Romania, especially in the field of keratoconus treatment and cross-linking. Furthermore, they have published many academic articles in the field, attended tens of international congresses and are also teaching at the university.

Main clinic doctors: 

Dr. Nicula Dorin


  • glaucoma surgery
  • Excimer laser refractive surgery
  • blepharoplasty
  • keratoconus treatment

Surgical premiers in Romania:

  •  The first Ferrara intracorneal rings for keratoconus treatment
  • First RESTOR multifocal lens pediatric lens exchange

Dr. Nicula Cristina


  • cataract surgery
  • keratoconus surgery
  • pediatric ophthalmology
  • cross-linking

Surgical premiers in Romania:

  • The first cross-linking treatment for patients with keratoconus
  • First Kerasoft 3 lens exchange for keratoconus treatment

Why choose Oculens for your eye surgery in Romania

Technology & innovation

  • cutting-edge technology including the worldwide newest EXCIMER-MEL 90 laser, FEMTO LASER VisuMax with Smile technology
  • focus on innovation: always updated technology (the lasers are from 2018) and industry news
  • brand new clinic with facilities such pre- and post surgery salons and generous lounges
  • a wide variety of ophthalmic treatments for every age

Doctor’s training and experience

  • physicians that had many ophthalmic surgery premiers in Romania
  • physicians that are actively writing academic publications and contributing to research
  • 25 years experience in eye surgeries
  • participation at numerous international congresses

Medical tourism oriented

  • experience with medical tourists:  flexible pre- and post-surgery consultations to fit your schedule and experience with tele-medicine
  • doctors & medical personnel that speak  English 
  • any treatment can be completed within a week to suit the needs of medical tourists
  • malpractice insurance
  • no waiting times

Ophthalmological procedures list & prices

Take a look at the list of ophthalmological procedures we offer in collaboration with Oculens in our medical travel packages. All taxes included!

NOTE: We do NOT charge higher prices than the clinic. In the procedure price you also have included a free consultation, hotel discounts, free airport and clinic transfers and more. Check out our medical tourism packages below for more information. Note that you can also book through us only the procedure, should you choose to do the logistics bookings yourself. 

Cataract surgery with intraocular lenses:

  • monofocal 550-880 €
  • bifocal 990-1320 €
  • trifocal 1430-1760 €

The price depends on the type  of IOL (Alcon, Amo, Hoya, Zeiss).

Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

  • monofocal 770-100 €
  • bifocal 1210-1540 €
  • trifocal 1760-20190 €

Refractive surgery with phakic IOLs implants (intraocular lens implants)

  • spherical 1650-2200 €
  • toric 2200-2750 €

Corneal refractive surgery

  • with EXCIMER laser 660-1320 € /eye
  • with Femto-LASIK – 1320-1650 € /eye

Keratoconus treatment with corneal cross-linking 550-770 €  

Cross-linking: intracorneal rings 1100-1320 €

Glaucoma surgery 440-1320 €

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) 660-880 € / eye

Our ophthalmology packages

All out packages include:

Flights from many Western European destinations

4 star accommodation


About eye surgery in Romania

Eye surgery in Romania, and specifically in Cluj-Napoca, is a very good choice both in terms of quality and price. Indeed many may wonder why the prices are so low. The answer is simple. Romania is a country where salaries are still low and everything is much more affordable than in Western Europe. Private clinics can take care of this advantage and offer superior services at only a little higher prices than public ones. However, these prices are still very low in comparison with the USA or Western/Northern Europe. 

Please check our medical holiday packages and contact us for a customized offer. Also, learn more about our company here. Experience medical tourism in Cluj with us!

About the Mel 90 Excimer Laser

The Excimer laser is the latest technology for ophthalmic surgeries. This august the clinic has recently acquired the new Excimer Mel 90, after working with the Excimer Wavelight-Allegretto. This is the first laser of this kind in Transylvania. Its main purpose is refractive and corneal surgery, including LASIK.

For technical enthusiasts, it is worth knowing that the producing company is Zeiss. The laser is optimal for minimal invasive surgery. Some of its advantages are: more rapid recovery, higher precision and excellent flexibility. Read more about them here.  

Don’t hesitate and book now your eye surgery in Romania!

"They deserve an excellence diploma! Very professional. I highly respect them and wish Mr. Nicula all the success in the world!"

Moldovan Dorina