Surgery in Romania

Surgery in Romania & Cluj: a growing trend for accessing quality services on a budget. As a result, in the following section we present you our general surgery offers. Among the most popular are: pancreas resection, gastric sleeve, hernia surgery and mastectomy procedures.  In addition, we present the clinic we work with. Overall, here is all you need to know about surgery in Romania.

Surgery in Romania: bariatric, mastectomy, gastric sleeve and hernia surgery.

Surgery in Cluj-Napoca at Q clinic

Undergoing a surgery procedure is a big step. And the clinic of choice is key for success. For this, we partner with an innovative clinic in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s capital: Q clinic. 3 arguments stand for the choice. First, dedicated and experienced surgeons and staff. Second, top technology and great facilities. Third, experience with medical tourists. What sets Q clinic apart as the best choice for surgery in Romania:

Technology & facilities

  • cutting-edge surgery room
  • German technology including the only laser equipment for surgery in Romania: Palomar StarLux500Sciton Joule
  • in-house blood transfusion center, which means no dependency on other collaborators
  • maximum 1 nurse per 4 patients, usually one nurse for every 1-2 patients
  • new, clean and comfortable facilities. 4-story building with a surface of 1000m²

Staff training & experience

  • physicians with training in Germany, United States, Hong Kong and Italy
  • nurses speak at least 2 foreign languages, out of which English is mandatory
  • malpractice insurance for BOTH clinics and doctors

Medical tourism oriented

  • a focus on rapid patient recovery with little or no hospitalization, ideal for medical tourists
  • experience with medical tourists
  • flexible pre- and post-surgery consultations
  • experience with tele-medicine
  • all of the medical reports will be provided in English

General surgery list & prices

We invite you to take a look at the list of general  surgery procedures we offer in our medical travel packages. Please note that general anesthesia is required for all procedures. In addition, the days of hospitalization are listed below, however they can vary according to your exact circumstances and type of procedures. As the price can vary significantly depending on the exact procedure and your medical situation, please only take the prices as estimates and contact us for a personalized price quota. Highlights include: gastric sleeve, hernia surgery, pancrease resection, mastectomy.

NOTE: We do NOT charge higher prices than the clinic. 

  • Small bowel resection – starting with 3000 €
  • Left/right hemicolectomy – starting with 5000 €
  • Rectal resection – starting with 3500 €
  • Rectum amputation – from 5000 €; requires blood

For all these procedures, the prices are estimates. Exact price can only be determined after the consultation. 

  • Classic inguinal hernia surgery (with mesh and without mesh) – starting with 1700 €
  • Classic bilateral inguinal hernia surgery – starting with 2000 €
  • Unilateral laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery –  starting with 2500 €
  • Bilateral inguinal hernia – starting with 1700 €
  • Bilateral laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery –  starting with 3000 €
  • Classic femoral hernia surgery –  starting with 1700 €
  • Classic bilateral femoral hernia- starting with 2500 €
  • Unilateral (laparoscopic) femoral hernia surgery – starting with 2000 €
  • Bilateral (laparoscopic) femoral hernia –  starting with 2500 €
  • Laparoscopic hiatal hernia surgery(Stomach hernia) – starting with 2200 €
  • Classic umbilical hernia – starting with 1700 €
  • Laparoscopic umbilical hernia –  starting with 2100 €
  • Classic eventration (with mesh or without) –  starting with 1800 €
  • Atypical liver resections –  from 5000 €; surgery requires blood units; exact price after the consultation
  • Hepatic hydatid cyst – starting with 2500 €; exact price after the consultation
  • Simple mastectomy – 2500 €
  • Mastectomy with reconstruction with implant and muscle –  starting with 6500 €
  • Breast sector, or fibroadenoma / or nodules – starting with 1700 €
  • Breast sector and axilla – starting with 2000 €
  • I. Pancreas resection (CDP-cephalic-duodenopancreatectomy) – starting with 5000€
  • II. Pancreas resection (CP-central pancreatectomy, DP -distal pancreatectomy) -from 5000€

Both procedure require blood units. Therefore, the exact price can only be determined after the consultation. 

  • Splenectomy – price can only be determined after the consultation
  • Laparoscopic gastric sleeve – starting with 5000 € ; plus KIT sleeve and Ligasure = 1700-2000 €
  • Laparoscopic gastric plication (fold) – starting with 2500 € ; plus Ligasure which costs between 1700-2000 €
  • Subtotal gastrectomy – starting with 5000€; exact price after the consultation
  • Total gastrectomy  – starting with 6000 €; plus blood units. The exact price will be determined after the consultation

General surgery packages in Romania

All our packages include:

Flights from many Western European destinations

4 star accommodation


Surgery in Romania with Transylvania Surgery Travel

Our medical tourism company in Romania offers tailored medical holiday packages. We specialize in reliable and affordable surgery tourism in Cluj-Napoca. Thus, we partner with top private clinics and hotels.  In a nutshell, the benefits of choosing us are:

  • All-inclusive medical holiday offers that include flights, accommodation, transfers and tours
  • Our location in the heart of Transylvania
  • We speak proficiently English and German
  • Cluj is a city known for academic excellence in medicine
  • Plenty of budget-friendly flights from many European cities
  • The chance to discover a beautiful and famous touristic area
  • Our contracts with insurance companies mean it’s easy to settle costs  
  • Full assistance provided by a friendly and passionate team

Contact us

We hope you now have a clear picture surgery in Romania. For any further inquiries, please contact us. And don’t forget to check out our medical tourism packages that include gastric sleeve, hernia surgery, pancrease resection, mastectomy. Learn more about our company here.

Dr Adrian Avram is patient, puts his heart in his job, he is there daily till very late in the evening and never leaves the clinic until he makes sure that everyone is comfortable and ready for the night. We received beepers to call the nurse in case of emergency during night, same beeper is also connected to Dr Avram's phone so he knows all the time if something is wrong with his patients.The clinic and staff get 5 stars as well, from the receptionist until the very kind and funny cleaning ladies, everyone is nice, smiling and professional. He has an anaesthesist that has lots of years of experience in Germany, a top nurse amd his right hand, Roxana, with 4 years experience in Dubai, almost everyone speaks English. I can highly recommend it to both Romanians and other nationalities. Super clean and top technology

Corina Van de Pas