What is a tooth filling and what are the dental costs for it?

What is a tooth filling and what are the dental costs for it?

Medical tourists often need more details about what a tooth filling is and which type is best for them. As this is a popular topic, we decided to write an article to give a brief overview.

Customers traveling for dental issues usually ask 3 questions:

  1. What is a tooth filling?
  2. Which is the best country for dental treatment?
  3. What are the dental costs?

Find all the answers in the article below!

What is a Tooth Filling?

A tooth filling is a way to restore a tooth that decay damaged back to its normal function and shape.

Which Type of Filling is Best?

There is no one size fits all when in comes to tooth filling.

Your physician will determine the extent of the repair and other factors they may affect it.

Considerations for different materials include:

  • Gold fillings – Gold inlays are well tolerated by gum tissues, and may last more than 20 years. This is one of the reasons why many specialists consider it the best tooth filling material. However, it is often the most expensive choice and requires multiple visits.
  • Amalgam (silver) fillings – Resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive. They are more noticeable than porcelain or composite fillings. For this reason they cannot be used for the front teeth.
  • Composite (plastic) resins – Matched to be the same color as your teeth and therefore used where a natural appearance is desired. Because they can wear over time this material is not used to fill large cavities. They can also become stained from coffee, tea or tobacco, and do not last as long as other types of fillings generally from three to 10 years.
  • Porcelain fillings – A porcelain restoration generally covers most of the tooth. Their cost is similar to gold.

A crown or cap may be recommended if a large portion of the tooth was damaged.

Decay that has reached the nerve may be treated in two ways: through root canal therapy (in which nerve damaged nerve is removed) or through a procedure called pulp capping (which attempts to keep the nerve alive). Source: https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/dental-health-fillings

What Happens When You get a Tooth Filling?

For filling cavities, the dentist will first remove the decay and clean the affected area. The dentist will then fill the cleaned-out cavity with any one of the materials described above.

How Do I Know if I Need a Tooth Filling?

Only your dentist can detect whether you have a cavity that needs to be filled.

During a checkup, your dentist will use a small mirror to examine the surfaces of each tooth.

Best country for Dental Treatment

We know that a proper dental treatment can cost you a lot of money.

Dental costs tend to be higher in more developed countries, but medical services are usually the same across the globe.

This is why we recommend Romania! The prices in the country are very low even in private hospitals and clinics.

We have one of the best Med Schools in Europe and the staff is very well trained.

In addition, Romania is one of the places medical tourists across the globe visit for treatment because of the state of the art equipment.

Thanks to the extremely low dental costs, it seems that medical tourism is starting to flourish in this country.

If you want to get a price quotation for your tooth feeling, contact us or learn more!

We also consider Romania the “Best country for Dental Treatment” because of the beautiful places you can visit in this country.

Especially in Transylvania!

Let’s make a short recap! You learned:

  1. What a tooth feeling is
  2. What is the best country for dental treatment
  3. How to contact us and find out the dental costs in Transylvania


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