This is a list of frequently asked questions that cover the topics of Transylvania as a medical travel destination, how the medical tourism booking process looks like, payment and why it is wise to choose a local medical tourism facilitator.

Medical tourism general questions

Medical tourism means that a patient intentionally travels to another place (usually another country) for medical treatments. It is a growing market for many reasons: cost savings at the same quality, fast and customized treatment, accessible flights etc. Medical tourism is also attractive due to the possibility of combining traveling and sightseeing with medical treatments (at the physician’s recommendation only!) and it also allows for privacy and anonymity. 

Any medical procedure you would choose is as safe to do here as it would be in your home country. We have a very strict protocol of clinic inclusion in our portfolio that ensures you will have high quality treatments. The protocol includes working with clinics that have:

  • close to zero complication rates
  • personnel including nurses speaking at least two foreign languages, out of which English is mandatory
  • maximum 4 patients per nurse
  • overseas trained surgeons.
  • state of the art technology and equipment

Transylvania, Romania as a medical travel destination

Cluj-Napoca is a multicultural city that offers, besides a wide range of high-quality clinics, an urban vibe that will charm you. It has lots of history, beautiful nature, friendly people and, above all, a very reputable medical university. And, very importantly, it is close to the West! Most people travel by plane for around two hours. This is important, as long travel times are sometimes not recommended due to complications such as deep vein thrombosis. The private clinics we work with are 1:1 on Western standards, having world-class equipment and overseas trained physicians. In addition, most citizens from Cluj speak perfect English. Therefore, Cluj-Napoca really has all the necessary ingredients to be a great medical travel destination.  We offer:

Our company is uncompromising when it comes to your well-being and this is proven through our very strict protocol of provider inclusion. In addition, we are a local company which provides us with an edge over an overseas facilitator. We have local knowledge and are within close radius to you throughout your stay. Moreover, we can also recommend best restaurants, organize tour activities, transfers and much more to make sure you have a WOW experience. Our top value is transparency: we want to be an honest company with which you can have sincere discussions. And most importantly, we place your health over profit. 

Medical procedures

Our clinics have malpractice insurance, which means that in case of complications due to the physician’s fault (very rare), you will be compensated. However, if complications arise which are not the physician’s fault, they are not liable for paying and you will have to cover the costs.. For customers who want to have increased peace of mind, there are options of medical travel insurances. Although most facilitators skip this question, we believe it is important to provide you with a clear and honest assessment of what you can expect, including the risks and what happens if complications arise.

It is possible that you are looking for a procedure we offer but that is not on the website, as it is either very rare or needs to be very customized. In this case please contact us and we will get back to you shortly with an answer. 

Pre- and post-surgery care

After you book, the clinics will provide you with a detailed briefing of what you should do prior to the surgery. This includes days of non-smoking, no alcohol, what you should eat, what you should bring with you etc. For any additional questions feel free to contact us. 

Once you book, you will be provided with detailed instructions on the required post-surgery aftercare. This includes also the post-surgery consultations and anything else that you/your physician in your home country should know to ensure you have a rapid recovery. 

This question really depends on the type of medical procedure requested and can only be answered after your consultation. Usually, dental and cosmetic treatments that include surgery require 5-10 days, general surgery procedures can require more. During this time, we invite you to take a look at the places worth visiting, which really make Transylvania a unique medical travel destination.


The price includes consultations, the medical procedure itself, hospitalization if necessary, medicine, materials and all else that is crucial to the success of the surgery. 

The price quotation includes flights, accommodation, specified meals in the accommodation, airport transfers, consultations and the medical procedure. If you wish to book additional services such as translators, other transfers, extra meals etc, please contact us. We promise no hidden fees. For more info, please visit https://www.transylvania-surgery.com/our-medical-package/

Of course. In fact, the prices listed on our website are the prices of the clinics themselves.

There are several reasons why the clinics offer medical procedures at Western standards. First, the prices in Romania are lower than in the West due to a lower level of GDP/capita. In addition, insurances such as malpractice insurance as well as medicine  are also more affordable. Furthermore, salaries, accommodation, and transport have all lower rates.  Therefore,  a 10 day stay here will still save you a lot of money, making Romania an attractive medical travel destination.

Medical tourism booking process

The medical tourism booking process is simple and can be described in several steps:

  1. you contact us and provide us with basic details of your situation
  2. together we will schedule an appointment with the corresponding medical specialist
  3. after the appointment, if you choose to book, you will be provided with the paperwork (consent forms, etc) and a deposit will be required to confirm your reservation and to buy the flight tickets

For more information, please visit the following page:


We encourage customers to come with a close friend or with a relative to have emotional support as well as a companion to visit the city with. Should you come with another person/with a group, we can arrange accommodation that suits both your needs, flight tickets and anything else you may need.

We have collaboration with different accommodation providers to suit every taste. Ranging from budget accommodations to luxury hotels, we can arrange anything you want so you have a wonderful experience. Our criteria for the hotels include cleanliness, location, reviews, staff friendliness and, of course, the type of facilities they can offer for medical patients. 

Of course, the medical tourism booking process is very flexible and you can book any part of it on your own. However, we recommend you go with our choices as they are based on criteria such as good facilities, the proximity to clinics etc. Of course, before you book you will be sent detailed description of the hotels, the facilities they offer and so on.

Changes and cancellation

We strive to offer full refunds whenever we can. However, this has limitations that are in part dependent on our partner’s policies. Usually, provided that no special materials such as customized hernia meshes were bought, a refund is possible if you cancel prior to 15 days of your arrival. Please note that airlines usually do not accept refunds for the flight tickets. Accommodation providers also have their own special cancellation policies, which will be stated in your contract once you book. 

If you want to change the dates, please notice us as soon as possible so we can arrange with the airline, accommodation and clinics. Please note that the airlines charge a fee for changing the dates. If you are unsure about them, we recommend taking an additional flight option (usually costing around 30 euros for the round-trip) that allows you to change your dates free of charge. 


We ask customers for a deposit  to secure their reservation. The full price will be paid after the surgery/treatment.

The deposit has 3 functions:

  • it secures your reservation
  • it allows us to buy your flight tickets (the sooner the cheaper)
  • is sometimes necessary in order for the clinics to buy materials/order customized devices, such as tailored hernia meshes

We accept payment in two ways:

  1. Bank transfer at our EUR/RON account
  2. Paypal

We recommend Paypal as it has the lowest fees. 

We have collaborations with a series of insurance companies. Furthermore, all of the clinics we work with have protocols to ease the settlement of expenses. Please contact us to talk about this in more detail. 

Other questions

There are several reasons why choosing a local medical facilitator is wise:

  • we have strict provider inclusion guidelines which mean that you will get high-quality treatment in personally reviewed clinics
  • our local knowledge will help you stay in accommodation that suits your needs as a medical tourist
  • time saving as we will arrange everything
  • our presence here ensures that you will not be alone, that you can always ask questions, contact the clinics fast, and that you have someone at your destination who is an “advocate” for you and will be by your side whenever needed
  • we will offer plenty of information about the city and region, welcome you at the airport and guide you throughout your experience

You can contact us via phone, e-mail, contact form, or in case of emergencies at +40 744 338 620.

Depending on your medical procedure and upon the physician’s recommendations, you can visit the region, take trips and enjoy the beautiful nature and history of Transylvania. For activities in Cluj please visit this page. .In addition, you can find a list of possible activities in Transylvania here.