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Medical tourism company in Romania. We offer medical holiday and surgery tourism packages. Medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca and travel facilitation

Why choose Transylvania Surgery Travel for your medical holiday?

Our medical tourism company in Romania offers tailored medical holiday packages. We specialize in reliable and affordable surgery tourism in Cluj-Napoca. Thus, we partner with top private clinics and hotels.  In a nutshell, the benefits of choosing us are:

  • Collaborations with top private clinics.  In addition, the majority of their physicians have working experience in Western Europe.
  • All-inclusive medical holiday offers that include flights, accommodation, transfers and tours
  • Our location in the heart of Transylvania
  • We speak proficiently English and German
  • Strict selection criteria for clinics
  • Cluj is a city known for academic excellence in medicine
  • Plenty of budget-friendly flights from many European cities
  • The chance to discover a beautiful and famous touristic area
  • Our contracts with insurance companies mean it’s easy to settle costs  
  • Full assistance provided by a friendly and passionate team

Our vision

As a medical travel agency, we want to offer you a safe and enjoyable experience. Thus, we provide you with a complete medical holiday package. In addition, we are a local medical facilitator. Therefore, we are close to you and can provide assistance 24/7 directly. Moreover, we have a very strict provider inclusion protocol. As a result, we are very selective with the clinics we choose.

Our strengths

Western-Europe trained physicians

Customized medical services in top private clinics

Complete medical holiday packages

Flight tickets, accommodation, transfers and much more.

Touristic activities

Different tours for you to make the most out of your journey.

Full assistance

Our medical tourism company in Romania assists you 24/7 for urgent questions.

Our selection criteria for the clinics

Before we collaborate with a clinic, we want to be sure that it is among the best. First, we look at complication rates. These should be close to zero. Second, we check the experience with medical tourists. Above all, there should be dedicated physicians and staff for them. Even more, all doctors and nurses should speak English and, preferably, a second foreign language. Third, we prioritize clinics whose physicians and staff have experience/training/education in Western Europe/USA. Lastly, we look at technology and innovation. All the equipment should be last generation and of the highest performance. 

Summary of departments and procedures

We have three main partner clinics. First, there is the dental department. Here, popular services include dental implants, veneers and tooth fillings. Second, there is the plastic surgery clinic. Sought after services include breast surgery, otoplasty, rhinoplasty and liposuction. Lastly, there is the general surgery department. Here you can access resections, hernia surgery, gastric sleeve and more.

Collaborations with health insurance companies

We welcome patients regardless of whether or not they have health insurance policies. Furthermore, some of our treatments like cosmetic surgeries are not covered by these.  

However, our company does have collaborations with insurance companies to simplify the settlement of costs. Please contact us if you wish to find out more.

It may be that we don’t have collaborations with your insurance company yet. However, if the treatment is covered by the policy, we offer to talk to the company on your behalf. 

Transylvania as a medical holiday destination

Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania, are considered powerful new destinations for medical holidays and surgery tourism. As a result,  we invite you to explore some of these together. Also, you can also read more here.

Cluj-Napoca – a multicultural city with a renowned medical school

Also knows as Klausenburg, Koloszvar or Castrum Clus in Latin, this is a city of roughly 303.000 people. Therefore, it is a vibrant multicultural center. Moreover, it undergoes a strong phase of economic and cultural development. Hence, its medicine university is attracting thousands of students due to its good reputation.

Private healthcare at Western standards

Private clinics in Cluj-Napoca are offering services which can be reliably compared to the ones in Western Europe. Notewothy, this is also proven by certifications. Likewise, there are licenses showing compliance to EU standards. You can read more about this here

A safe and fascinating destination

Cluj-Napoca was voted by The Daily Meal the the 26th safest city worldwide. In addition, Romania was also voted the the 26th safest country in the world by Thought Catalog. Likewise, it is the fourth fastest growing tourism destination worldwide. Furthermore, Vogue Magazine also named Cluj-Napoca one of the best go-to destinations in 2018.

Read more about what to do in Transylvania here.

The place to be for recovery and health improvement

There is more to health in Cluj and Transylvania than just medical procedures. First, the area features one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Hence, you can enjoy lush forests, impressive mountains and waterfalls.  Consequently, the air quality in Cluj was ranked in 2014 the best in EU. In addition, there are a wide variety of SPAS and health centers that invite you to relaxation. Check out the Turda Salt Mine, an underground attraction that is also a recovery center for patients with respiratory problems. 

Our medical tourism company in Romania in a nutshell

So, here is a summary of the above. First, we are a medical tourism company in Romania.  More specifically,  in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania’s capital. Second, we offer you complete medical holiday packages. Third, we are local, so we will be close to you during your stay. Finally, we partner only with clinics that pass our strict selection. 

Lastly, we hope you liked the post about our medical travel agency in Romania. Check out our medical holiday packages and contact us today!

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