Medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca

On this page we talk about reasons to choose medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca and the benefits of travel facilitation.

Medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca: your go-to place for surgeries & treatments abroad.Enjoy our travel facilitation services for a quality experience.

Medical tourism company in Romania. We offer medical holiday and surgery tourism packages. Medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca and travel facilitation

Why choose medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca

Medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca is a booming trend. Here are 10 reasons to choose to do your surgery/treatment in this city.

  • private clinics that offer the same services and quality for a fraction of the price
  • western-trained physcians
  • top medical university that attracts thousands of foreign students yearly
  • cutting-edge technology 1:1 to Western standards
  • wide range of short-haul flights, including plenty of budget friendly options
  • almost everybody speaks English
  • Romania is in the EU, which means simplified settlement of expenses with insurance companies
  • wide range of accommodation facilities for all budgets
  • a chance to explore Transylvania, a fascinating region with lots of tourist attractions

Why go for our medical travel facilitation services

Travel facilitation means that we will take care of all your medical and travel arrangements. Hassle-free and reliable travel. 

  • time saving: we will book everything
  • quality assurance: we partner with clinics that:
    1. have close to zero complication rates
    2. employ personnel speaking well English and usually a second foreign language
    3. work with last-generation equipment
    4. hire physicians who are trained abroad
    5. constantly invest in innovation
    6.  are experienced in working with medical tourists
    7. have malpractice insurance
    8. invest in quality certifications
  • 24/7 assistance in English or German: for complete peace of mind
  • transfers between airports and clinics
  • all-inclusive medical package
  • patient advocacy: we talk to the clinics in your name
  • local knowledge to help you in your decision

We hope we have convinced you why going for medical tourism in Cluj-Napoca and our travel facilitation services are great ideas. Learn more about our company here

We offer the following services:

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