Medical tourism statistics & healthcare in Romania

Medical tourism statistics & healthcare in Romania


Lately, Medical Tourism is becoming a thing, so we decided to show you some medical tourism statistics in Romania and talk about the healthcare system in this country.

Medical Tourism Statistics in Romania

Medical tourism is still in its infancy, so getting reliable data it is a bit challenging. But we did our best to find out the most interesting facts about it!

Top specialties for medical travelers include: cosmetic surgery, dentistry, general surgery, cancer, weight loss, reproductive treatments, scans, tests and health screenings.

There are many more we could include in this list, but these are the most noticeable.

So how much can you save?

We compared some countries to the prices in US, and below is how much can you save:

India: 65% – 90%
Romania: 60% – 80%
Malaysia: 65% – 80%
Turkey: 50% – 65%
Brazil: 20% – 30%.

As you can see, you will save enough money to also have an amazing vacation while taking care of your body. The medical tourism statistics in Romania also show that we are among the most affordable countries in Europe for surgeries.

We are happy to provide you with a free price quotation. Feel free to contact us!

Healthcare in Romania

Romania has top medical schools and state of the art equipment, especially in the private sectors. Healthcare workers are very well trained and can do a great job for very low prices. For example, getting a tooth extraction can only cost you around $12, and getting a new one can cost yo around $25. Compared to the US these prices are a steal!

The tooth example was not completely out of the blue. The number one reason medical tourism clients travel to Romania is for the dental care system. The number two reason is cosmetic surgery. From a recent study it appears that whoever travels here for each of this reasons is very satisfied and will most likely further recommend Romania to a friend or relative.

Medical Tourism in Romania

Lately, Romania has done a big “export” of doctors. Usually our trained staff leave for Western countries, where they can find better wages and life conditions.Source:

Despite that, a lot of very well trained staff still remains in Romania. So visiting Romania for medical purposes will for sure not be a disappointment in any regard.

Also, Romania has some perks of its own when it comes for tourists. Firstly, a lot of citizens now perfectly speak English. Especially in large towns like Cluj, Brasov or Timisoara. Another great thing about this country is that you can visit beautiful tourist attractions. You can view a list we made, right here.

We know of cases in which US citizens were staying in very nice hotels, while having their medical issue solved, and traveling throughout Transylvania (Home of Dracula and Vampires), and still saving up to 50% of what they would have payed in the US.

Why aren’t you here yet?

We really hope that this article as welll as the medical tourism statistics in Romania opened your eyes to a new opportunity that is awaiting for you to take advantage!

If you have any questions or you would like to request a price quote, please feel free to contact us any time.

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