The ultimate medical travel packing checklist: 10 must-pack items

The ultimate medical travel packing checklist: 10 must-pack items

As your medical trip approaches, it is essential to make sure that you pack everything that will be needed. To help you out, we compiled a medical travel packing checklist that will guide you through this process.

medical travel packing checklist
medical travel packing checklist


1. Medical documents

One of the most important items in the medical travel packing checklist, medical documents include:

– all records of relevant pre-tests

-medication prescriptions

-any records regarding previous complications.

To make things easier, we will send you a list with the exact necessary documents prior to your journey. Some of these however also need to be provided during the initial online consultation. We also recommend making some copies, just to be safe. 

2. Contact information

We will make sure you have all the necessary contact informationof our company, the clinics and the person who will pick you up at the airport. Contact information includes: phone numbers including emergency line, e-mail addresses and physical addresses.

3. Travel documents

This one is obvious, but make sure to check all the entry requirements in Romania for your nationality. E.U. citizens can enter only with their national ID. Other citizens need a passport, and some may need a visa. However, once you contact us we will make sure to inform you about all the entry requirements applicable in your case. We also recommend making copies of them.

4. Medication

This one should be checked with your home physician, but we recommend taking general medicine such as pain killers and, in case you have allergies, appropriate medication for this. Once you enter the clinic, the physicians will advise on the medication course. The pharmacies in Cluj are well supplied, thus you will have no problem finding the necessary medicine.

5. Money

Another obvious but important point on your medical travel packing checklist is money. The Romanian currency is RON, and 1 EUR approximately equals 4.7 RON. There are plenty of ATMs and exchange points, and we will recommend the ones that don’t take commission. We also recommend avoiding changing money at the airport. Of course, the majority of places accept credit and debit cards, so there is no need to change large sums of money.

6. Suitable clinic clothing

Taking appropriate clothing for hospitalization days (if applicable) is essential to the comfort of your medical travel journey. The keyword here is comfortable. We recommend taking two pieced button pijamas, slippers and a robe. In addition, sweatpants, at least one T-shirt a day and cotton materials are good ideas.

7. Travel toiletries

If you or your travel companion fly with Wizz Air (main airline to Cluj) and opt for the cabin baggage, standars airline rules apply and you will only be allowed to carry toiletries that are less than 100 ml in volume. However, buying the large suitcase option eliminates this constraint. Nevertheless, we think that your medical travel packing checklist should include travel sized toiletries in case you do have hospitalization days. Not only do they make your hospital bag lighter, but they also occupy less space than big shampoos, shower gels and creams.

8. Earplugs and travel pillow

From the category of miscellaneous items, earplugs are necessary to ensure that you can have proper rest both during travel time and at the clinic. While the clinic rooms are quiet, having earplugs is probably an unnecessary precaution, but nevertheless a smart one. The travel pillow complements your “sleep anywhere, don’t care” set and are always a good idea when travelling.

9. Entertainment materials

Post-surgery recovery time can get a little boring, and having interesting entertainment materials provides a way out of boredom. Nice relaxing books, Ipads and a good playlist will come a long way in making the recovery easier.  Plus, you can enjoy the fastest internet in Europe!

10. Thermometer and plastic case

After your hospitalization days are over, it is smart to have a thermometer with you to regularly monitor your status. While you can of course buy one in Cluj, you probably will want to spare the trip to the pharmacy. Moreover, a plastic case is useful for sorting out the medicine that the physicians will prescribe after your medical procedure.

Bonus: a travel buddy

While of course you cannot pack a travel companion, we believe that it is a very good idea to have someone with you in this journey. First, they can provide moral support throughout the whole process, and second, medical tourism is ultimately tourism and traveling is more fun in two.  In addition, Transylvania offers plenty of activities so that you can both make the most out of this experience. For fun activities in Transylvania check this list: . For more info about the go to 

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